GP Clinic

Dr. Greesh Kumar

Dr. Ameet Kumar


  •  Diabetes Mellitus
  •  Hypertension
  •  Migraines & Headaches
  •  Neck & Shoulder Pain
  •  Back pain and Musculoskeletal    diseases
  •  Osteoporosis and Vitamin-D deficiency
  • Anemia and Nutritional deficiency.
  • Reflux, H-Pylori Gastritis, Irritable Bowel and G.I diseases
  • Asthma, Cough Variant Asthma and Respiratory diseases
  • Urinary Disturbance, and Kidney & Prostate diseases
  • Fever and Infectious diseases
  • Eczema, Allergy and Skin diseases
  • Cleaning and managing simple (Non-Complicated) wounds.
  • Suture removal 
  • Vaccinations and Travel Advise  

Dental Clinic

Dr. Merlin Samson


  • Laser teeth whitening 
  • Root Canal treatments 
  • Scaling, Polishing and other treatments for Gum Diseases 
  • Comprehensive Examination and Diagnosis with Digital X-Rays
  • Cosmetic Dentistry, Veneers and Aesthetic restorations 
  • Restorations of damaged natural teeth or replacement with artificial teeth
  • Normal and wisdom tooth extractions
  • Dentistry for kids  

ENT Clinic

Coming Soon..